Twenty projects join the Boldbrain Startup Challenge

Boldbrain Startup Challenge 2020 has selected the 20 projects that will take part in the only accelerator program in Ticino.

The 2020 edition attracted a total of 148 applications, of which 62 were examined by an evaluation committee .


The 20 start-ups selected for Boldrain Startup Challenge 2020 are:

4Devices (medtech) – Aargau

Excede (fintech/insurance tech) – Zurich

F-Helix (electronic and mechanical engineering) – Ticino

Finar Module Tech (electronic and mechanical engineering) – Italy

Lighthouse  (medtech) – Ticino

NATIVE (sport/leisure/tourism/lifestyle) – Ticino

Proxying (consulting and services) – Ticino

QM_Project (life sciences, IT diagnostics, data) – Italy

Secondo (consumer products and services) – Ticino

Smart Power Center (energy, cleantech) – Russia

SwicketLive (ICT, software & data engineering) – Ticino

TeachRemote (social entrepreurship, education) – Zurich

Trading Stratagem (fintech, insurance tech) – Ticino

TurboGas-5.0 (electronic and mechanical engineering) – Ticino

UNIVERSUS-OS (ICT, software & data engineering) – Italy

VMall (consumer products and services) – Ticino

voltWALL (energy, cleantech) – Ticino

WeSaidYes (sport/leisure/tourism/lifestyle) – Ticino

WYTH  (design, art, architecture, gaming) – Ticino

YSI (consumer products and services) – Italy