Boldbrain Startup Challenge 2020 has selected the 20 projects that will take part in the only accelerator program in Ticino.

The 2020 edition attracted a total of 148 applications, of which 62 were examined by an evaluation committee .


The 20 start-ups selected for Boldrain Startup Challenge 2020 are:

4Devices (medtech) – Aargau

Excede (fintech/insurance tech) – Zurich

F-Helix (electronic and mechanical engineering) – Ticino

Finar Module Tech (electronic and mechanical engineering) – Italy

Lighthouse  (medtech) – Ticino

NATIVE (sport/leisure/tourism/lifestyle) – Ticino

Proxying (consulting and services) – Ticino

QM_Project (life sciences, IT diagnostics, data) – Italy

Secondo (consumer products and services) – Ticino

Smart Power Center (energy, cleantech) – Russia

SwicketLive (ICT, software & data engineering) – Ticino

TeachRemote (social entrepreurship, education) – Zurich

Trading Stratagem (fintech, insurance tech) – Ticino

TurboGas-5.0 (electronic and mechanical engineering) – Ticino

UNIVERSUS-OS (ICT, software & data engineering) – Italy

VMall (consumer products and services) – Ticino

voltWALL (energy, cleantech) – Ticino

WeSaidYes (sport/leisure/tourism/lifestyle) – Ticino

WYTH  (design, art, architecture, gaming) – Ticino

YSI (consumer products and services) – Italy

Twenty projects join the Boldbrain Startup Challenge

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